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Opal Inlay Jewelry Repair

Hileman opal ring repaired to new condition.

Inlay Jewelry Repair Process

Opal ring in need of repairs!

Just like new!

3 broken pieces of opal removed.

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Sorry But We Don't Do

Cabochon repairs or setting

Stone watch face repairs

Raised inlay repairs (only flush set inlay)

Doublet or triplet repairs

Intarsia or mosaic repairs

Recutting gemstones/diamonds

Laser welding or sizing

Before shipping your opal inlay jewelry repair to us, closely inspect it for damage.  Gently scrub it with mild soap and water and a soft toothbrush to remove any caked on lotion, creams or oils.  This will allow you to clearly assess the damage to the inlay.  If your eyes aren't very good, buy a magnifying glass to get a closer look or take the jewelry to a local jeweler  and have them examine the jewelry for you.  We just want you to have a good idea of the extent of the damages before shipping to avoid any surprises.

If possible, take a photo of your damaged inlay jewelry to make discussing your repairs easier.  If the photo is good enough, we might be able to give you an estimate for repair before shipping the jewelry.  Set your camera to "macro" and click away!  Email us the photo:  info @ Hileman Silver

In some cases your inlay jewelry may not be able to be repaired.  Repairing inlay jewelry requires that the inlay channel have enough depth to hold the new inlay piece in place.  If the jewelry was initially created with minimal channel depth or if the piece has been repaired before, the  depth may be insufficient for a successful repair.  The epoxy needs to have plenty of metal to bond to or the inlay with quickly fall out.  We don't want you to waste your money or hold us responsible if the probability of the newly repaired inlay falling out are too high.

When you ship your jewelry to us please include all your information such as name, address, phone number, email address, description of your jewelry, value of the piece and if you need an estimate before we begin repairs.  Please insure the package for the purchase price of the jewelry.  We prefer UPS because we have a daily pickup and delivery.  CLICK HERE FOR SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS!

Upon receipt of your package, we will inspect your jewelry for damage and provide you with an estimate for repair.  Please indicate if you would like to be contacted by phone or email in your contact information.  In some cases of extensive damage, we will give the customer a choice on the level of restoration we can perform and give several cost estimates.  Pieces with hairline cracks may not need to be replaced if it is not in your budget or not detracting from the beauty of the jewelry.

After receiving customer approval we will repair the jewelry and then collect payment before shipping.  We accept all major credit cards, PayPal payments, money orders and cashier's checks.

Your package will be shipped via UPS.  If you have provided us with an email address, you will receive a notification from us and/or UPS that your package has been shipped and a tracking number for you to check its progress.

Please inspect your completed repair immediately after receiving your package.  Notify us if you are not satisfied with your repair or have any questions.  We cannot be responsible for damage sustained after you receive the jewelry and wear it.

Opal ring with 3 damaged pieces of opal.

Opal ring ready for repair.
Circle Bar - we don't do these types of repairs