Missing Australian opal and cracked opal in need of replacement.
Opal ring in need of repair. Many broken pieces of opal.
Opal inlay ring in need of repair
Opal ring repaired to like new condition by Hileman

Examples of Our Inlay Jewelry Repairs

Below are some before and after photo examples of past opal inlay jewelry repairs.  Some are minor and some required the replacement of all the opal inlay.  Email us your photos for a repair estimate. 

Bottom 3 pieces on the left were damaged.


Diamond and opal inlay ring that needs repairs.

The Hileman Collection, LLC

Glendale, AZ

Diamond and opal ring repaired by Hileman.

Every piece is cracked or chipped.  Total re-inlay.

Wide opal ring repaired to perfect condition by Hileman.

Opal Inlay Jewelry Repair

Phone Image for Calling Opal Inlay Jewelry Repair

Every piece is badly broken.  All opal removed and replaced.

Diamond and opal ring expertly repaired by Hileman.
Repaired opal inlay ring by Hileman
Opal inlay ring with damaged opal and non-matching end opal.


Another jeweler replaced the bottom piece with a piece that didn't match.

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