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Inlay Jewelry Care Instructions

Here are some simple instructions to keep your inlay jewelry looking great.

First, never clean your opal inlay jewelry or any inlay jewelry in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  Chemicals and heat may negatively effect the epoxy over a period of time.  Also, avoid contact with household cleaners and solvents, as they may breakdown the epoxy as well.  If your opal inlay jewelry is accented by diamonds or other faceted stones, simply brush the stones with a soft toothbrush and mild soap from the top and the bottom.  Prolonged exposure to water or oils may weaken the bond between the stones and the epoxy used to hold them in the channel.  Remove any tarnish with a polishing cloth and never dip any inlaid jewelry in a tarnish removal liquid.

Second, wear your opal jewelry with care and common sense.  Remove your inlay jewelry before performing any activity that might damage the jewelry, such as exercising, yard work, swimming, dishwashing, etc.  When not wearing your jewelry, store your  jewelry in a cloth bag or box where your other jewelry cannot ding or scratch it.  Doing so will prolong the life of your opal jewelry and extend the period you can go before needing to be refinished.

Third, apply hairspray, perfume, lotions and other personal products before putting on your jewelry.  This will help to keep your jewelry clean and prevent any harmful chemicals from coming into contact with the jewelry.

Finally, when the surface of the opal or the metal loses its luster, return the piece for refinishing.  If you have an accident and break a stone, we can drill it out and replace it without a problem.  It is important that you only allow a jeweler experienced in lapidary and inlay work to preform repairs on your jewelry.  Most jewelers are not experienced with inlay methods and do not have opal to match the ones in your jewelry.  Many of the the repairs we receive are requests to correct poor quality inlay work by jewelers with little or no experience with inlay.  Send your inlay repairs to us and get it done right the first time.  Shipping instructions.

Turquoise Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

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Opal Inlay Jewelry Repair

Turquoise Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set in Sterling Silver by Hileman.

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Men's Dinosaur Bone Rings by Hileman Silver Jewelry

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